films by frank v. ross

Audrey the Trainwreck

"[A] scruffy, tender but very funny romance... Ross is something of an indie Robert Altman, with his huge cast of characters and plaited strands of dialogue, and he has a sharp and comic eye for intimacy, domesticity, and practicality."
- Richard Brody, THE NEW YORKER

“…[it's] like watching Charlie Brown grown up but with more swearing, smoking and attention to the things that make adulthood both abstract and meaningful.”

-Sara Maria Vizcarrondo, Boxoffice Magazine

“…A stunningly realistic portrait of today’s late 20-something white urban working class.”

-Don Simpson, Smells Like Screen Spirit

"How do you make a movie about dullness without making a dull movie? ... By getting as deep inside those moods as it can, talking about them honestly and in unsparing detail, and punctuating the tedium with a dry sense of humor and occasional outbursts of surprising violence."
- Matt Singer, IFC NEWS

"Unjustly underbuzzed... Ordinary life's manic seesaw between misery and levity is Ross's recurring subject... [An] incisive portrait of the suburban working-class."
- Karina Longworth, THE VILLAGE VOICE

2010 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival | Best Narrative Feature
2010 IndieMemphis Film Festival | “Nice Shoes” Award
2010 Gulf Coast Film Festival | Best Comedy

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