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Hohokam exceeds in humor and human authenticity any half-dozen recent

Hollywood romantic comedies put together.

-Peter Keough, Boston Phoenix

"When digital video technology made it into consumers' hands in the 90s, the optimists predicted an explosion of brilliant idiosyncratic personal narratives; if Frank Ross' Hohokam is a harbinger, perhaps they'll be proven right after all. A unique, funny snapshot of a 30-ish Arizonan couple (played by remarkable discoveries Latta and Baker), it has all the intimacy and laser-like detail you might expect from a 'small' film but plenty of inventiveness & curveballs, as well as a jaunty jazz score, exotic animals, and a gun in the first act! An "under your skin" movie. " 

-Andrew Bujalski, program notes from a repertory series at the Brattle Theater, Cambridge, MA

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